NPF Travel Info

A fully customizable itinerary and eTicket generator available to the agency. The agency can provide their customers these documents with the agency or its corporate customer logo and design.

Ticket Tracer

Enables access to a secure database of issued production documents for later analysis (tickets, re-issues, refunds, voids, etc.). Also enables non IATA agencies, with tickets issued by a consolidator, to access the documents created on their booking files, upon previous agreement.

Integration with TripViewer for ticket customization and Customer’s existing applications through secure web services.

Developed for Travelport Portugal

Allotment Manager

Enables the Travel Agencies to manage Allotment or Group PNRs without having any GDS knowledge.

Developed for Travelport Portugal


A .NET development API that empowers developers to link to GDS with almost no knowledge of Travelport’s APIs complexity.

No XMLSelect, GWS or uAPI previous knowledge needed to operate with Travelport's GDSs.

Queue Distributor

Provides agencies the ability to configure rules for automatic Queue Distribution, including Category and Date Range, referenced by content across multiple PCC's. It satisfies the needs for queue distribution of TMC’s that fulfill bookings created in Corporate Booking Tools such as KDS where the need to identify specific markers in the booking file was not satisfied by other applications.

.NET API extension included for complex rule creation.

Developed for Travelport Portugal