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Basic Budget

Easily send and track customized quotations


This solves

Time spent by travel consultants, composing quotations to customers

Multiple formats for sending quotations within the agency (lack of consistency)

Checking if the quotations are still valid and booking a quotation

Knowing how many quotations have been sent, and follow up accordingly


Reduce time on quotation tasks

Consistent agency brand awareness

Quotation tracking

Quotations accesible within the PCC

Add external content ( outside Smartpoint ) to quotation

Can be customized with agency fields


Agency customization:

  • Basic: header footer | logo | colors

  • Advanced: HTML template

Create quotations with air, hotel and car

Mix galileo products with external sources

Store and retrieve quotations (cloud)

Check item availability and book, fare will be created

Book quotations items (air)

Reporting of quotations created

A page for the End User to accept the quotation

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