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Ticket Tracer

Control and provide reports

on tickets issued and CO2


This solves

Do you know how many tickets your agency is issuing on a daily basis?

For non BSP markets, do you know you can cross check the Airline invoices to avoid errors?

Do you still store the agent copons in paper in your agency?

How do you control the tickets that are not used and can be refunded?

Do you know you can provide CO2 information to your travellers?

Do you know the whereabouts of your passengers?


Eliminate printing of agent coupons: reduce costs related to paper, toners, storage space, quickly access an agent cupon anytime anywhere

Know the status of tickets / agent coupons to easily refund the unused tickets

Provide your customer with carbon footprint information

Passenger tracking : easly know where your passengers are, anytime


Access to a web application to produce several reports:

Standard ticket issue

Tax break down

Open segment analysis

Issue by agent

Create CO2 reports

Passenger tracking

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